Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Balm Time Balm Concealer Review

I purchased The Balm's Time Balm Concealer almost a year ago. I've rarely used undereye concealer because luckily I never had any serious bags or blueness, but as I'm getting older I notice my undereyes aren't as nice as they used to be. Still I usually just use my Studio Sculpt foundation to cover up the area but I've been wanting to find the perfect undereye concealer.

In the past I've tried Mac's Studio finish concealer but even with moisturizer it would flake under my eyes so I just use that for my face (which works perfectly).

I was really interested in the description of Time Balm concealer, which is described as an anti-wrinkle concealer which is even good to wear at bedtime. I did a few swatches in Sephora and loved the texture. It felt so nice and creamy. I ended up picking the shade light/medium. Mid-medium was definately too dark.

When I used this concealer with my makeup after buying it, at first I loved it although it was a bit too light for my NC30 skin. I've read a review from someone with NC35 skin who said the light-medium shade was perfect, but it looked like I had the reverse panda eyes. After wearing Time Balm Concealer a few times I started to notice it was settling into my small undereye lines baddd. I tried using more moisturizer, less moisturizer, setting the concealer with different powder and no powder, using less concealer, but it still settled into my lines, which I can't stand.

Soo all in all this concealer was pretty much a dud for me.


  1. sorry it didn't turn out the way you wanted, finding a great concealer is hard to do ;-(

  2. ugh, maybe u need to find a concealer that isn't so thick? I've heard excellent things about the maybelline age rewind concealer. I noticed if the concealer is creamy, it settles into lines. Sorry to hear this didn't work out for you!

  3. I had the same one and had the same problem!

  4. Aww I'm sorry it didn't work for you but thans so much for sharing as I was considering giving it a go!

  5. Thanks for the comments ladies =)
    @MeiBelle thanks I'll definately check it out!

  6. I am on the hunt for a really good concealer.. I bought Smashbox HD concealer and didn't like it either. If you find a great one... let us know:)